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      Decorative Screens

      laser cut screensDecorative screens are the wording with respect to privacy screens. It is more focused on the decorative effect on the basis of shelter function, even it is not unnecessary sometimes. The interior designers would say now that the screens are needed why we don’t make it decorative. Patterns are added on the decorative screens, various designs transferred from the software to the screens by modern technology. It reflects the professional that the patterns correspond to usage occasion: plants style for gardens, while the modern style for hotels.laser cut screens used as door

      Designers can exert imaginations on the metal panels freely. Colors are abundant for decorative screens, and we can realize it in different treatments with different textures, it can be understated or luxury, classical or modern, depends on the effect needed to match the surrounding environment. The usages are very flexible, some clients like to put it on the wall or add the handle and the lock on it to make it become a door. Normally we can a large piece of metal panel hung on the wall for decoration, mostly in the restaurants or hotels. There would be lamps or sunshine stone behind to echo the pattern and the color.

      laser cut screens used as doorStrictly speaking it is not screen but the product style and the way we make it is same, it does not have the screen function completely, only for decoration. Some clients have the idea of developing a screen to the door when they already order the decorative screens from us. Adding the handle, the lock and the accessories like the acrylic, installation screws will make it easily and it has the unexpected great results.

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